A creative and motivated web/mobile expert living in Fremantle – Perth, Australia.

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About me

Attained post-graduate degree in project management and graduated in business administration with an emphasis on IT management. Self-taught for 16 years in computer systems, participated in projects within different areas of technology seeking innovation while applying agile methodology. Experienced in implementation of routine management, business intelligence and quality programs.

Passionate about adventure sports, traveling and landscape photography around the world.


+10 years of experience in leading product management.

+20 years of experience in web/mobile software development process.

Solid expertise in analysis, interpret and track key performance indicator.

Completed many expeditions around the world.

Adventure Race

I’ve been out adventuring on Earth. You are going to find some of my multisport activities. This is my highlight list:

Adventure Race – 2014 – Expedition Africa – South Africa
441km in 146h 22m. Ocean paddling with sharks 😀 100km trekking.

Adventure Race – 2013 – XPD Flinders Ranges / Australia 658km in 155h 38m. 50km Salt Lake. 100m climbing rope.

Expedition – 2013 – Outward Bound Brazil FEAL – 14 days
Leadership, hard skills, soft skills, storms, solo.

Adventure Race – 2012 – Expedicao Carcara/Caete – 230km – 32 hours
Sertao Region – Cycling 60km at 50ºC

Adventure Race – 2012 – Os Pato – Top 5 Brazilian Adventure Race Team (RBCA)
2º – Arrasta Pé/AL – 220Km – 25/05/2012
4º – Odisseia/PB – 230km – 25/08/2012

Trekking – 2010 – Circuit Annapurna/Nepal – 250km – 25 days
Extreme nature. paradise. huge waterfalls. 5400 meter above sea level.


Saulo (11) Cavalcante
Fremantle WA, 6160

Mobile: 0457576272